Saturday, 20 January 2007

RosMud++ Alpha 1

RosMud has reached alpha! A small testing team has it in their hands, but it's far from release-ready yet.

Comments, bug reports, and the like, all welcome here.


DevoutHypocrite said...

This little "small testing team" thing makes me think they're some elite team of superheroes, guarding the Biggest Secret of All Time. Tell me, do you have a hotline connected to a big old-fashioned red telephone?

Chris Angelico said...

Let's see. I have a brand new phone cable running through the house, just strung it up a week or so ago. It's connected to a big old-fashioned 56K fax-modem. I don't think it's red, though. And, the line doesn't exactly run hot. So... close, but not quite.

Alpha 1 was a small team for the simple reason of poor organization. :) I hadn't offered people the chance to "join the team", so the Alpha 1 Team was just the three people who happened to respond on Trivia! Alpha 2 will have about twice that number of people, going by current information.

At the moment, the plan is to make the first beta open to all registered forums users of Threshold.

Chris Angelico said...

By the way, Alpha 1 really wasn't much good. No ANSI color, can't change the font except by editing an INI file, numerous other features missing. Current codebase is still missing a lot, though, so I think I'll stop blogging and start coding for the night!!