Sunday, 12 August 2007

Buxton, UK

Apologies to anyone who's been hoping for more. I haven't had much to say... and whenever there HAS been something, I've had no internet connection handy. So now I'm going to post the accumulated thoughts of all the no-connection times into a series of posts.

Well, we're here. Arrived Wednesday at about noon local time. Since then, I/we have:

* Watched the Savoynet production of HMS Pinafore. Pretty good show. Funny. Excellent Josephine.

* Attended the cabaret after the South Anglia Savoy Players' performance. Couldn't get a decent ticket to the show (Ida), but the cabaret was fun. They put on a "radio" version of Murder at Ruddigore Castle.

* Begun rehearsals with some of the new cast, and some of the old. So far rehearsals have been completely optional and only for the people who happen already to be here.

* Met a number of Savoynetters.

* Explored Buxton.

* Got in contact with several Threshers.

I'll expand on each of the above with another post. Hopefully I haven't missed anything major.

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