Sunday, 12 August 2007

Meeting Savoynetters

Since arriving here, I've met up with a number of fellow Savoynetters. Apologies to those not mentioned; this is just the few who I can put finger to keyboard about before dashing off to rehearse. In no particular order:

* Rachel Middle: joining our cast. Noticed her in the Savoynet Pinafore - recognized her from Ruddygore where she had played Zorah. Very happy to have her in the cast.
* Jim Cooper: also joining us. Doing a significantly better job than the person whose place in the chorus he has taken over.
* Rebecca Hains: Had spoken by email and expressed interest in buying her CD. Caught her at the last possible opportunity. Very fortunate.
* Elise Curran: LOTS of fun. Playing Mad Margaret in the Festival production, the night after we perform; as a lot of people have said, perfect casting.
* Laurie Marks: Intelligent, fun to talk to, well worth meeting. Left Buxton now I believe.

I'd mention more but it's 10:00 and I have to go. Will add more names later if I get a chance.

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