Sunday, 12 August 2007

South Anglia's "Princess Ida"

The day after Savoynet's Pinafore was South Anglia's Ida. I rocked up to the box office to inquire about tickets, but there weren't any available (well, I could have had a really expensive seat, or else another restricted-viewing seat, neither of which I particularly wanted to do). But I came to the cabaret afterwards (3 quid, which isn't too bad).

First half was Ian Henderson and Rebecca Hains, with Florrie Marks on the piano; some G&S pieces, some non-G&S, some duets, some solos. Well sung. This was Rebecca's last night in Buxton, although I didn't realise it; fortunately she came past us on her way out to greet some of the people with whom I was sharing a table, so I was able to catch her and get a copy of her CD (she had one in her handbag, and I had a ten pound note in my pocket, happy coincidence). She has a lovely voice. I'm listening to her sing Julia's "Tomorrow" aria as I type.

Second half was, as is the custom, the group who'd just performed that night. South Anglia had a brilliant skit entitled "The Radio Version of Murder At Ruddigore Castle"... they made reference, in dialog or song, to every single one of the G&S operas, with the possible exception of Thespis and Trial. It was full of radio jokes, too... they were standing on stage, and it was most amusing to see all the antics (they had a dedicated "Sound Effects" microphone and person, so for instance FX would jump on the floor to indicate the falling of a body, or he'd blow his nose right into the microphone when one of the ladies has been handed a handkerchief).

The evening's entertainment ended, and people just hung around chatting. Perfect opportunity to meet a few Savoynetters... see the next post but one.

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