Sunday, 30 December 2007

RosMud version 1.4.1

Finally found and fixed the bug in selection that meant that selected text was often unreadable.
Made the Huh? message for Advanced Logging a little more helpful.
Plugins.INI will now store relative paths for plugins in the current directory or a subdirectory thereof. (It will not store "..\foo.dll" though.) This should help with moving RM from one directory to another, or from one drive letter to another (eg on removable media).
Added this file to the distribution, like it should have been ages ago!!
Made the Wealth plugin world-aware, which means it will now correctly separate wealth statistics for different worlds. Also, added a command: "/sub" will show full statistics, for all worlds.

Sunday, 2 December 2007

RosMud version 1.4.0

Fixed a bug that resulted in some background color changing to "flow" to the end of the line (disrupting, among other things, the output of the 'area' command).
Added a set of toolbar buttons to show activity - a button will light up in green when there's activity in the corresponding world; click on it to jump to that world.
Added five new keys to Numpad Nav: the four operators (+ - * /) and the decimal (.)
Changed local command handling slightly. Any command starting with a slash is a local command between RosMud and the plugins; it will not get sent to a MUD. It is therefore "safe", in the sense that if the plugin isn't loaded, it won't spam the MUD.

Also I fixed some bugs in the Timer plugin.

Also I've changed the distribution: now plugins are incorporated into the standard distro, and there's a separate "slim" distribution. When you go to (same as before), you no longer need to download two files - it's all in the one. If you want a cut-down RM without all the plugins, that's now a separate link. Hopefully this will make things easier!