Friday, 3 October 2008

RosMud version 1.5.6

* The format used to show the timestamp of the line under the mouse is now configurable. You can now show the date, for instance.

* Aspell plugin can now do multiple words (it picks the first suggestion for each misspelled word). Of small value only. Very slow - does a separate web lookup for each word given.

* Added support for a NewPlugs.ini to simplify upgrades - plugins listed there will be installed on first startup. The installer will create this file if it is needed. The net effect is that new standard plugins will be automatically activated.

* RM will now recognize a special line of text that can be put into a help file or similar, and use that to note whether or not there's a new version of RosMud available. As of Oct 2008, this line is being put into Rosuav's ooc information - type "ooc rosuav" to see if there's a newer version than you currently have.

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