Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Air NZ and the chocolate test

I gave Air NZ the chocolate test on a piece of cheese. With our dinner was a small piece of cheese, which was rather delicious... so afterwards, I asked one of the flight attendants (bearing a name badge "Sharee") if I might have another cheese. The response was a smiling "I'll check what we have". She came back a few minutes later, with a cheese. Chocolate test passed, with flying colours... no pun intended. Thank you Air New Zealand!


Jodi said...

what exactly is the chocolate test?

Being one of your loyal readers, I'll have to comment on the other entries too.

Chris Angelico said...

It's something from one of the customer service books I read a while ago. Whenever this fellow travels, he'd test the level of service by asking for another chocolate after they'd been handed out. It's an unusual request, but a request that normally shouldn't be hard to fulfil.