Thursday, 23 July 2009

Disney World and Threshers!

It's been a day or two since the last post. Sorry about that, but a lot has happened and I didn't get around to blogging it all.

So we arrived in Florida and met up with Morvinia, and then (when he got home from work) Sanskrista. Great people... really lovely. And loads of fun. Morvi's nephew is staying with her too, and he will be coming with us to Disney World. (Morv does too, of course, although Sans can't.)

We come out Orlando direction and meet up with another thresher, Reshad. He'll be coming with us too. We all pile into Morv's Prius and toddle off to Animal Kingdom to meet Mabel, who works there, then we spend most of the day in Hollywood Studios (because that's the park that the Floridites bought tickets to).

Unsurprisingly, it was hot under the Florida sun. Fortunately, quite a few of the Disney attractions are indoors, and they keep the air con on high; so you wilt outside, then get inside and enjoy even standing in line.

And the attractions are worth it, too. They have a Star Wars exhibit that includes what, from the inside, feels almost like a rollercoaster, but actually goes nowhere (it's a full-on flight sim with acceleration and tilting to give the full impression). Two actual rollercoasters, both with a plot behind them (which means that people don't just wait in line to get on the ride - you first wait in line for the beginning of the plot, then you get shuffled onto the ride; means the waiting time "feels" less). I could have wished they were a lot longer, though. You get through it and think "So that's it?"; especially if you've been waiting an hour or more.

Speaking of waiting an hour, the Fastpass/Standby arrangement is well balanced. You can either join the Standby queue, which operates exactly like any other queue, or you can take a Fastpass and come back later. Standby will get you into the attraction sooner, but Fastpass lets you go away and do other things. The exact time difference between the two varies according to popularity, but the more popular the ride, the more extreme the difference - like, for instance, 80 minutes in Standby versus a 4-hour clock on the Fastpass.

As end of day approached, we all gathered up and made our way back to the hotel. Had dinner, then sat around talking until a couple more Threshers turned up: Alumsaye and Yubae. (We had been hoping to have Mabel join us for dinner, but that didn't work out.) We have a good time of reading funny help files and ooc info, talking a whole lot of rubbish, and enjoying Morvi's excellent ocokies. Actually, this was a pretty good mini-con... and a "drop you in at the deep end" introduction to the wonders of Citizen and Con for those who joined Thresh not two weeks ago!

And now, I am being dragged out to a swimming pool. Marah wants proof that I'm human; I think she just relishes the idea of a pasty-white geek getting thoroughly sunburned. Well, whatevah. If that's what she wants, I don't mind, but I can't find anywhere what color a sunburn is, so I don't know what to paint myself. I guess I'll have to actually go out into the sun after all.

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