Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Going overseas!

Two years ago, Michael and I went to England for the G&S Festival. I could say that we immediately promised that we'd return as soon as possible, but it wouldn't be quite accurate... but the fact is, we're now returning. And not only that, but we're going for the entire three weeks... and also attending ThreshCon in America. Yep, it's a big trip... a big trip indeed.

It's currently 4AM. In four hours, we leave home... another four, and we board an Air New Zealand flight to Auckland and thence to Los Angeles. From there, we become guests of Amtrak, in their mobile hotels, riding the trains all around the US until we get to Jodi's. Then it's off again, with her, and ultimately getting to ThreshCon. After that, hop across the Atlantic, land in London, and take the train to Buxton. Finally then, we will actually slow down... and spend three full weeks in one place.

Time enough between now and departure to snatch a short hour of sleep. Hopefully I'll get internet access often enough to keep people updated during the trip - for the few of you who care and aren't on any other form of chat. For those of you who don't care and aren't reading, this blank space is for you.

<-- this space paradoxically left non-blank... -->

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