Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Travelog part VII

20090728, 7AM. Midga's alarm goes off. My body flies out of bed and logs on to Thresh.

8:30AM. Wake up again, go back to Thresh.

10:30AM. Properly getting up now. Marah, Midga, and I discuss what to do. There's an expensive theme park right nearby, skip that. There's a much more economical option, but we'll have to hunt it down. All pile into the car with all gear and look for lunch first, amusement second.

11:30AM. We have lunch at Chik-Fil-Adobe (the A in their logo is almost exactly the Adobe icon), during which Marah explains the company to us.

1:30PM. Off to Discovery Place Museum. We got lost a bit on the way, but nobody minds.

3:00PM. A demonstration (part of Disc Place) of various ways of creating light. The presenter (on her own, due to some kind of mix-up - normally she'd have had assistants) was highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic. After the show-show, I asked her about a couple of things; turns out she's a researcher in bioluminescence, investigating when and why fireflies glow, etc. Fun stuff!

4:00PM. Finished with Disc Place, now to look for a chocolatier. Lack of wifi makes it hard, and we get lost a few times, plus the first place we go to is closed anyway. But we find ourselves at Godiva eventually. My evaluation: It's not Sweet As. I pick up a couple of boxes of chocolates for Marah and family anyway, though. We mooch off to a Borders and Marah finds the original "Pride and Prejudice", flips through it, looks over a few passages, and declares that the zombie version was done very well.

10PM. Heading back to Spartanburg.

11PM. Back in Spartanburg, at the railway station. We pile out and get all our stuff ready for when the train arrives. Time now for all the hugs and farewells, of which there are plenty. These people are totally part of our family now.

12:02. Train arrives. We board, and that's really the end of our America trip. Yes, we still have one train trip and one person to meet in NY, but this is it, really. We head to bed.

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