Sunday, 23 August 2009

Gilbert and Sullivan Festival Awards

Just attended the awards ceremony, and these were the results, in the order presented.

Four people were thanked with flowers:
* Dawn (Peter's wife) - setting up Paxton
* Pat & Peter Holland (Portacabin)
* John & Judith Savournin
* Unseen in Octagon with sewing machines: Sandra Vamplew (accepted by Sarah)

And the actual awards were:

Adjudicator's Award
Entry of Peers' Chorus, Iolanthe, South Anglia

Youth Awards
Best Female Performer: Freya Palmer, Lady Angela, Patience (Youth)
Best Male Performer: Henry Smith, Bunthorne, Patience (Youth)

Best Duet
Winner: Iolanthe, South Anglia, None Shall Part Us
Sorcerer, Bournemouth, Welcome Joy
Gondoliers, Derby, There Was A Time
Ruddigore, Trent, There Grew Little Flower

Best Animated Chorus
Gondoliers, Derby
Gondoliers, Festival Ireland
Iolanthe, South Anglia
Winner: Sorcerer, Bournemouth

Best Concerted Item
Winner: Ruddigore, Trent, Madrigal
Yeomen, Peak, Strange Adventure

Best Male Voice
Ian Walton, Cox, Cox & Box, Avon
Brian Gilligan, Marco, Gondoliers, Festival Ireland
Winner: Roderick Hunt, Sir Roderic, Trent
Rossano Saltfleet, Alexis, Bournemouth

Best Female Voice
Jemma Truss, Aline, Bournemouth
Nicola Mulligan, Casilda, Ireland
Charli Clement, Rose, Trent
Winner: Sasha Liebich-Tait, Mabel, Toronto

Best Chorus
Iolanthe, South Anglia
Winner: Gondoliers, Ireland
Pirates, Toronto
Gondoliers, Derby

Best Character Actor
Stephen Godward, Old Adam, Trent
Gareth Edwards, Ko-Ko, Abbots Langley
Winner: Adam Lawlor, Don Alhambra, Ireland
Roy Schatz, Major General, Toronto

Best Character Actress
Winner: Angela Lowe, Baroness, Savoynet
Jackie Curren-Olohan, Duchess, Ireland
Joan Self, Mad Margaret, Trent

Most Traditional Opera
Ruddigore, Trent
Mikado, Abbots Langley
Winner: Iolanthe, South Anglia
Pirates, Toronto

Best Supporting Actor
Colin Dawes, Giuseppe, Derby
John Harrison, Usher, Western Australian
Winner: Ian Henderson, Prince of MC, Savoynet
Thomas West?, Paramount?, Oxford

Best Supporting Actress
Winner: Jane Brendler Buchi, Julia, Savoynet
Sara Clark, Lisa, Savoynet
Jessica Nicklin, Iolanthe, Festival Prod

Best Male Performer
Wilfred Pyper, Duke PT, Ireland
Simon Theobold, Despard, Trent
Winner: John Gerken, JWWells, Bournemouth
Gareth Edwards, Shadbolt, Peak

Best Female Performer
Cherrill Ashford, Lady Sangaz, Bournemouth
Winner: Zena Bradley, Dame Hannah, Trent
Zena Bradley, FQ, Festival Prod

Best Musical Director
Jean Holt, Sorcerer, Bournemouth
Andrew Nicklin, Gondoliers, Derby
Stephan Kenna, Iolanthe, South Anglia
Winner: Aidan Faughey, Gondoliers, Ireland

Best Director
Shane Collins, Iolanthe, South Anglia
Winner: Vivian Coates, Gondoliers, Ireland
Alan Spencer, Sorcerer, Bournemouth
Andrew Nicklin, Gondoliers, Derby

International Champions: Gondoliers, Ireland
1st Runners Up: Sorcerer, Bournemouth
2nd Runners Up: Iolanthe, South Anglia

The Irish sent a large and enthusiastic contingent, and every time they won an award, the place erupted with cheers!

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