Saturday, 22 August 2009

HMS Pinafore Pot-luck

Tonight was a pot-luck Pinafore, and like all pot-lucks, it was rollicking fun without any sort of pressure to perform well. So in keeping with that, I'm not going to do a full review, but just to report on its occurrence.

Cast, in the order they were written on my notes:
Conducting: John Howells
Sir Joseph: Gordon Smethurst
Ralph Rackstraw: Anthony Mahon
Bosun's Mate: Matthew Plunkett
Dick Deadeye: Stuart Pinel
Capt Corcoran: Chris Hall
Carpenter: Geoffrey Brocklehurst
Buttercup: Gennie Plunkett
Josephine: Sarah Vamplew
Hebe: Sarah-Jane Hall

Great fun Deadeye, absolutely over the top at every possible opportunity. Fun ad-libs from everyone (Chris Hall: "I shall never be untrue to thee - well, hardly ever", and looked over at Sarah-Jane, his wife).

I hope you folks approve of Google, because I'm augmenting this Blogspot blog with some Picasa stills and Youtube videos. :)



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