Monday, 10 August 2009

University Challenge: Savoynet

Tonight's cabaret included a University Challenge contest involving Savoynet. I'm not sure what it proved, save perhaps that Savoynetters don't know much about the 20th Century D'Oyly Carters. It was hilariously funny, though, with randomness coming through from both teams, and the emcee awarding negative points whenever he felt like it. The two teams (the Flowers of Progress, and the Savoynutters) scored almost equally in the final tally, and the audience was scored at an impressive negative ten.

The teams consisted of four Savoynetters each, and everyone was asked to introduce themselves before the game began. Nobody used their real names, and I think nobody used their email addresses either. Captaining the Flowers of Progress was a Scotsman named McCranky, and with him were Gretchen and two others whose names I forget; captaining the Savoynutters was Elise Curran, but I didn't catch what name she gave (I was totally expecting her to call herself Mabel, but she didn't), with whom were three proofs of why I should write these things down at the time, instead of trusting to memory.

Some of the questions were quite hard, although others were just a bit tricky. Where, for instance, do you find a barcarolle in the G&S canon? There are several. A few were easy because there are so many right answers - like, name a monarch mentioned in a G&S. Sometimes a team would scupper themselves completely by hitting the buzzer before the question has even been asked, and then make a totally stupid guess like "South Kensington" or "Mornington Crescent" before handing the question over as a total gift to the other team.

I wish I had a record of the entire thing, but in absence of such, I call for audience assistance. What do you remember of the quiz that I've omitted? Add a comment!


David England said...

I thought the only way to win was to make a totally stupid guess like "South Kensington" or (less likely) "Mornington Crescent".

Robster said...

Well as one of the flowers of progress I can tell you that our team was - Gretchen, who was reading her facebook page, Hamish McCranky can't remember what he was reading), Someone who didn't know who they were and was reading the autocue and Bertha who was reading the answers over Ian's shoulder.

It was such a funny night and I do remember that one of the answers from the opposing team was 'Brian Blessed.'

I think it prooved that actually, bar a few people, the knowledge of Savoynet when it comes to the small details, such as who played what and when, is actually not much more than other peoples and that we should not be segregated in such quizes or given 'more difficult' questions. Besides, both of the 'Uni' teams the first night had savoynetters in!