Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Oh frabjous day!

Google has announced that soon support for IE6 will be removed from Google Docs and other services... okay, so the browser isn't dead, but if more and more major sites make similar declarations, eventually all those corporate locked-down systems will have to get upgraded, and that would be a Good Thing. Hopefully, when the crunch comes, they'll think about going to Chrome or Firefox rather than IE8, but even moving to IE8 would be better than staying with IE6.

Everyone's already said everything I would have said on the subject, but I have to give some more airtime to this delightful paragraph with which Think Geek regaled its loyal readers:

In a missive that made designerds and code monkeys everywhere swoon with Valentiney love, our sweetheart Google announced they would stop supporting IE6. Or as our codeslingers call it, IE666. Google pulled out their vorpal blades and with a snicker-snack, they left IE6 dead. Hearing the news was just like being in high school and getting a pass out of P.E. We are chortling with joy. Callooh! Callay! We love you, Google. Muah! Now, if you could only do something about Comic Sans and Papyrus fonts...

There is a sheer brilliance to this which is noteworthy even among ThinkGeek missives... go Geeknet!!

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