Sunday, 21 August 2011

18th International G&S Festival Awards: Results

Presentations are made by Thomas Round (awards to individual ladies), Valerie Masterson (awards to individual men), and Gillian herself (group awards).

(* = winner)

International Champions
* South Anglia: Patience

Runners up
1. Derby: Princess Ida
2. Peak: HMS Pinafore

Best Chorus
* Derby: Princess Ida
Festival: Iolanthe
Peak: Pinafore

Best Supporting Actor
Sth Ang: Colonel
* Derby: Hildebrand (Michael Tipler)
(Missed the third nomination)

Best Supporting Actress
Savoynet: Peep-Bo
Sth Ang: Angela
* Trent: Phoebe (Jessica Nicklin)

Best Concerted Item
* Festival: Nothing Venture Nothing Win
Sth Anglia: If Saphir I Choose
Oxbridge: Quintet (?)

Best Male Voice
Oxbridge: Giuseppe
Peak: Corcoran
* South Anglia: Grosvenor (Adam Sullivan)

Best Female Voice
Oxbridge: Casilda
Derby: Melissa
* G&S Opera Vic: Elsie (Stephanie Gibson)

Best Character Actor
Festival: Lord Chancellor
Cambridge: Lord Chancellor
* Oxbridge: Duke of Plaza-Toro (Jordan Bell)

Best Character Actress
* South Anglia: Lady Jane (Anthea Kenna)
Peak: Hebe
Derby: Blanche

Best Musical Director
G&S Opera Vic: Richard Stockton
Derby: Ida: Andrew Nicklin
* South Ang: Patience: Stephen Kenna

Best Director
Derby: Ida: Andrew Nicklin
* South Ang: Patience: Shane Collins
Peak: Pinafore: Ian Henderson

Best Male Performer
Peak: Corcoran
Derby: Gama
* South Anglia: Bunthorne (Paul Tarrant)

Best Female Performer
Peak: Josephine
* Derby: Princess Ida (Austine Broad)
Festival: Phyllis

Best Animated Chorus
* Cambridge Iolanthe: Peers March
Festival Iolanthe
South Anglia Patience

Adjudicator's Award
Gilbert's dialogue. So impressed by this production - Gilbert's anniversary year. From this performance, clarity of diction
and dialogue, such respect - overwhelmed by that performance. Wanted to give special prize to the word.
* Festival Iolanthe: Tolloller/Mount/Chancellor

Most Traditional Opera
* Savoynet: Mikado
Festival: Iolanthe
G&S Opera Vic: Yeomen

Best Duet
* South Anglia: Jane/Bunthorne "So Go To Him"
Derby: Blanche/Melissa
Oxbridge: Casilda/Luiz

And at the end of the awards, a surprising one: to Michael and Chris Angelico, "In recognition of their contribution to the 2011 Inernational Gilbert & Sullivan Festival". Wooot!

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