Monday, 29 July 2013

Over 60's Savoyards: Mikado

From one extreme to the other. Stephen Turnbull, taking the role of adjudicator for this show, commented that this afternoon's Grand Duke had a cast entirely younger than his children, while tonight's Mikado had a cast entirely older than he himself. And obviously there will be certain differences; the frenetic dancing that the young and limber can show off with is replaced by a staid and dignified walk, and the application of makeup is to remove years more than to establish character. But a show is a show, and the advanced age of the participants tonight was no obstacle to our (and their!) enjoyment of a century-and-a-quarter old opera. Some things are timeless.

But reviewing tonight's show should really be done by someone who knows more of the people involved. It would hardly be right for me to critique in specifics without knowledge, so I'll refrain in all cases. There are a few things I'd like to say, though. You might think that a show like this is purely an SCAs' show, a bit of fun for the Inner Brotherhood, and the slightly reduced ticket sales would appear to support that (lots of room in the gallery, and a few stripes of empty seats in the upper circle too) - but the laughter at Gilbert's classic jokes suggests that it's still fun even for people who haven't seen The Mikado before. It was, however, a great vehicle for a rewritten Little List, and for some fun line tweaks like the years of indiscretion ("until they are at LEAST fifty... sixty... seventy!" - applause). These are all highly experienced performers, every one of them probably as familiar with the stage as the Stig is with a steering wheel, so minor issues of synchronization can be dealt with.

One last time. Or maybe two last times. Or three, at the most. Is that not enough? We'll see... the stage has a way of dragging people back...


Talldad said...

The link SCA goes to Sir Joseph's Song at Boise.

Don't understand... at 0716 local time

Chris Angelico said...

Yes, it does.