Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Travelog, part 1: EK409 MEL->KUL

Blogging on Melbourne time (UTC+11) until further notice.

02:40. Pushback, right on time. Takeoff 0249 after a notably velocitous tour of the airport. Guess there's no congestion today. According to the announcement, twelve languages are covered by the cabin crew. The plane is nearly empty - like our first trip! - and I offer to seatbelt Traal for takeoff, but he is instead directed to the pocket in front (his most usual place when we travel with Intelligent Airlines).

08:30. Hmm, oddly enough I can't get hold of our wifi from here. Oh well, got a sunrise to look at... and a full moon out the opposite window. That's an astronomical impossibility, except that we're at 38,000 feet above the surface of the earth :) Midga was going to wait till breakfast got cleared away before getting out the camera, but consented to set breakfast aside to snap that.

09:32. I notice on the map that we've just crossed the equator, and remark same to Midga. He inquires if I was referring to the turbulence...

09:40. Weather report from the flight deck regarding KL. We're estimated to land early, which is not unappreciated. Winds light and variable.

10:18. A beautiful three-point landing. Emirates pilots are extremely competent.

10:37. Stuck outside the security checkpoint at KUL; it seems they're not yet ready for EK409 people. Ah well. I have wifi, albeit severely limited (no MUDding even via TMC, alas), so I can post.

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