Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Curry!! Fiiiiiiiishhhhh: Part II

A few thoughts, dear aunt, for deservingly random villagers. Today I took over Michael's job completely: Curried prawns for dinner. And in commemoration of that fact, here are a few things you might have heard if you'd joined us at the TWROAPP on a few of the nights here. Principal players include the Rosuav (played by me), Il Midga (played by Michael), and Chris and Sarah-Jane Hall (played by themselves).

"We were just discussing the structural integrity of mushy peas."

"Gaily <dissolves into laughter>, lightly <dissolves again>"

"If you pile that soup up, what angle could you get it on?"

"I got bored, so I studied law."

"What's that stuff you drink that doesn't get you drunk?" (and no, not referring to my fuel tank)

"I proved that I was a girl tonight."


Of course, we do have serious conversations there too, like the relative merits of cricket and slimline pens. But they don't matter much.

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