Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Alice in Wonderland book with new illustrations

Regular readers of my blog will be at least faintly aware of my love interest, Alice Liddell. She's a lovely lady, smart and very interesting, and not afraid to take up a Vorpal blade against the Red Queen if the situation demands it. And anyone who's read the books will know the famous John Tenniel art, the iconic images that for many people define Alice.

But what if there were other images illustrating the book? And what if those images were put together into something so beautiful that you cherish it and pass it along to your children or grandchildren? An artist by the name of David Delamere has put together a set of paintings giving a somewhat different take on the art of Alice (though not as different as, say, American McGee's version!), and they're being put together into a book that promises to be something magnificent.

As I write this, there are two weeks to go on their Kickstarter project, from which you could get a copy of the book for $60. Yes, it's not cheap. This is not a basic paperback that you could pick up for $10 at your local bookshop, this is something made by people with a passion for quality. Plus, there's more than just the book in there; as the project has more than its baseline minimum to succeed, the artist and publisher are offering some extras with every copy of the book - check out what's included, as it may well change as time goes on (their $55,000 stretch goal is almost reached!).

It's strange for someone like me to be advocating a dead-tree book. Very strange. Normally I'd do everything electronically if at all possible. Why am I buying this book? Because it promises to be that awesome. Now go! Shoo! Check out that campaign!

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badmonkeyart said...

Chris, we are so grateful you stumbled into our campaign. Thank you for your great advice and your generosity in posting this blog!