Friday, 11 July 2014

Part IV in the Trilogy of Scientific Research

After over a year of silence, the story continues! Where are they now... deep inside a 150g box of Roses. (A rose by any other weight...) Three boxes matched this pattern consistently:

* 1 Chocolate Bliss
* 1 Hazelnut Praline Crisp
* 1 Strawberry Cream
* 1 Classic Fudge
* 1 Chocolate Supreme
* 2 Caramel Deluxe
* 1 Orange Chocolate Delight
* 1 Hazelnut Whirl
* 1 Turkish Delight
* 1 Vanilla Butter Caramel
* 2 Peppermint Cream
* 1 Cherry Heaven

We also have an unusual case of a statistical outlier. With some research into two 450g boxes, one perfectly matched the distribution from last episode, but the other had one extra Turkish Delight! Apparently the Cadbury authorities approve of our research, sending us a bonus of the best type of the entire set. Close with a Looney Tunes style focus on the FIVE Turkish Delight in a lovely small pile!

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