Saturday, 23 December 2006

Date formats

Clever Blogspot. It took it upon itself to say that I'm a Pisces. Well, my next horoscope ought to say "Pisces. You are strong-willed, and object to having your astrological sign published when you do not believe in astrology. You also object to American-format dates."

My birthday is not what it thought it was. But it never told me it wanted month/day/year. If geeks ruled the world, every date would be stored year, month, day... with slashes or dashes separating, maybe, or maybe not, too. We write the time as Hour:Minute:Second - why write the date backwards?

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DevoutHypocrite said...

It asks you your birthday but instead of telling everyone when it is, it publishes your astrological sign instead. Mine would be surprisingly similar to yours, except it's Capricorn (January 12th). I always resented being a goat. :(