Friday, 19 January 2007

RosMud++ and "Passive Mode"

By popular request on Threshold, I'm in process of rewriting the widely used client GMud, and in the process adding features - especially, abolishing the 500-line limit on scrollback.

The list of features added will have to get documented somewhere, some time, but for now, here's a sneak preview of one of the geekiest - but potentially quite useful to non-geeks too - features RosMud++ adds: Passive mode.

RM's default mode is "Active", which is the way most clients work. A connection is opened to a pre-existing server, for instance Threshold RPG (, port 23), and the server responds.

Passive mode inverts that, and turns RosMud into the server. Select the port you want to use, and choose Passive mode, and then use whatever other client you wish (RosMud++, GMud, any telnet client) to connect to that port. RosMud will create a new subwindow for each client connection, so you can actually juggle several of them independantly.

Some possible uses of this:
  • Poor-man's chat server. Pick a port, tell someone else your IP address and the port you picked, and create yourself a little chat room all of your own.
  • Taking control of a web browser or other program. Anything that uses TCP and sends commands with line breaks (and that's a lot of programs) can talk to RosMud++. Pick port 80 and point your browser to - you'll see how it talks to a web server. Type something into RM, then press Ctrl-F4 to disconnect and close the subwindow, and poof! The text you typed is shown in the browser.
  • Showing off how geeky you are!
When using Passive mode, the "Host name" must be either "" or else an IP address representing this computer.

If all this is too confusing, just remember: Leave "Active" selected and it's just like GMud.


Jason said...

Dude, I can't wait for this feature. It's going to be awesome.

Chris Angelico said...

The feature's fully coded. It's just the rest of the program that's keeping me from release! :)