Sunday, 11 February 2007

Alpha 4!!

This may be the last alpha of RosMud++ before it goes beta! Nearly all the features are coded that will be coded.

One of the latest features is plugins, called Penguins. From the docs:

DLL hooks
Third party "penguins" can be written to hook into input and/or output, and can create local output (but cannot send commands to the MUD) or perform any UI action desired (eg open a window on screen, beep, etc). Note that piling in too many penguins can result in a performance penalty as each one has to be given a "go" at the lines of text before they can be processed. But on a decently modern computer, the delay won't be too noticeable.

*Caution* A badly written penguin can cause havoc to RosMud. If loading a penguin causes problems such that you cannot start RosMud, go to the RosMud directory and edit Penguins.ini - simply remove the line naming the offending penguin, and it won't be loaded.

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