Saturday, 10 March 2007

A new belt for Rosuav

For over a RL year, Rosuav has worn a Champion's Belt. Today I replaced it with a Belt of Hegemony, to which Rosuav has been entitled for some time, but without jewels to put in it, it would have been of no value.

So now Rosuav is a hegemon with a Belt of Hegemony. Every one of his old belt's benefits has been either duplicated, transferred, or improved upon, in his new belt. Five polished jewels provide significant benefit, and one available slot is waiting to be filled with either another cerebral jewel, or possibly an enthralling jewel.

And for the first time in a very long time, he has only 2,500 coin in his bank account!


Devout Hypocrite said...

yay Rosuav! I imagine this is a very exciting event. Poor Marah likes to die so much, she should've been a Mortisian. I have the opposite problem with the coin. ;)

Harriet said...

yay Rosuav!