Thursday, 1 March 2007

RosMud version 1.1.0

RosMud's almost out of beta. Version 1.1.0, released today, introduces the following features:

Added "Save as HTML" - save the current buffer (this isn't an ongoing log) as "kinda-HTML" - it has tags but not much else. Firefox reads it no probs, but it's not actually a complete, standards-compliant HTML file.
Added Ctrl-W to close current window
Added "cursor position on command recall" option to keyboard settings
Boosted the priority of the socket-read thread - should improve perceived performance
Added toolbar and statusbar
Added "Advanced Options" dialog with one option - Down arrow key behaviour
Added support for auto-connect (similar to GMud's - pass RosMud.exe a parameter which is the abbreviation of a world name, and it'll autoconnect to that world)

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