Thursday, 14 June 2007

The Mikado

Wheeeeeee.... curtain's just come down on our opening performance of The Mikado. Tremendous applause, everyone did well. Only a few tiny little botches - a little miscommunication between the director and the stage manager resulted in me being in the untenable position of arguing with Her Majesty the SM (for about 20 milliseconds, then I just obeyed even though it was wrong), but beyond that it was all pretty good.

Am blogging this courtesy of a wireless connection here - my new laptop has wifi, so I've been online all through the night. Google Docs is a great way to manage the show data, too!

Yes, this is a little incoherent. My thoughts are a bit random at the moment. I'm off to the gala supper now, there's a crowd out there. What fun!


Devout Hypocrite said...

Oh, I'm going to borrow the Mikado from the library just so I can see it! Granted, it is not the whatever G&S Society of blankety blank Australia...but at least I'll know what you're up to!

(plus, I've been meaning to revisit G&S operas, so it's the perfect excuse)

Chris Angelico said...

Yay! You'll enjoy it, I'm sure you will.

This production is a little... different. It's probably best appreciated if you've already seen a more traditional Mikado, at least so you don't get the idea that this is normal. That said... I wonder how bad postage across the Ditch would be? We're making a DVD of the production.