Sunday, 17 June 2007

RosMud version 1.3.6

Version 1.3.6 is out... the patch was written backstage during a run of The Mikado, written and debugged in between my cues for the show :)

* Added display of Paused status to the statusbar. It's still un-obvious if you have neither toolbar nor statusbar, but at least now it's clearer if you only have one.
* RM now saves and loads its full ANSI color table. At some point I might make it possible to completely reconfigure the colours... for now it's just INI-file editable.
* Yay! Fixed that rapid travel bug, I think. At least, I've fixed something which could have caused it. If a half ANSI (or TELNET) code came in, it would go into the pseudoprompt; if a command came in while a half code was there, it might cause problems. I THINK this was what caused the crash, but I'm not sure. Certainly the behaviour (losing the first half of the code and keeping the second half) was NOT desirable. It's fixed now, anyhow, so hopefully... hopefully! the crash is gone.

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