Monday, 13 August 2007

Contacting Threshers

One of the things to do when visiting another country is to meet the people you've known online. As well as Savoynet, I have another such group: Threshold RPG. So far I haven't actually MET any fellow Threshers, but I've been in communication with several, in the hopes of meeting up.

* Graeblyn and Elei - two people, but sharing a phone number. When I told my brother that I'd been speaking on the phone to "Grae and Elei", he asked if they were two characters played by one person :) Hoping to meet up after rehearsal tonight (Mon), and then also again at/after tomorrow's show.

* Thierran - only just recently arrived back from overseas, and thus unsure if she'll be able to come to the show. I hope she will though! We'll meet up one of these times.

There've been a few other UK Threshers speaking to me about meeting up, but I've figured out that England is a reasonably large country (in fact, it's nearly as big as Victoria, which is Australia's smallest mainland state...), and there's no way that I'm travelling outside it. Even to Scotland, sorry but it's a tad far. :D

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Devout Hypocrite said...

Have fun meeting everyone? I told Thierran to give you a big hug. She'd better! (of course, MY hugs are infinitely superior...but not superior enough to cross oceans quite yet.)