Monday, 13 August 2007

Thracian weather?

Interrupting the flow of posts for one thing that struck me... literally actually!

We got pelted with rain today. Hadn't had any rain since we arrived, but now we got what seemed at first like a brief sunshower. It got heavier, though; and we had costumes to carry around, so we had to seek shelter and wait. Walking along the road, with the asphelt steaming and the rain in my face, I could think of only one thing: This is Thracian weather. Rosuav knows all about this.

And, to make it even more Rosuavesque - He's the Armory Coordination Head for the Psions' Guild, and part of my job today involved sorting out and keeping safe a number of swords. We had a pretty spiffy armory, all under lock and key, and I'm keeping track of the things in it. Quite fascinating... he and me, we keep doing the same things.

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