Sunday, 21 October 2007

RosMud version 1.3.9

Added a prompt on close if there are active connections. (Configurable in Options|Advanced)
Added option to flash the title bar on new text (off by default - Options|Advanced)
Removed a bit of debugging code. If RM seems a bit faster, this is why.

Also, the TinyURL plugin got a new option added: "R" for render. Any redirection URL (technically, any for which the server sends a 3xx response) can be rendered to its actual destination. This can be used for TinyURL, Google "I'm Feeling Lucky", and other such redirections. Now, when someone throws a URL at you, you can check where it REALLY points before you go to it! Note that rendering can be done multiple times, and each "Render" will strip away one level of indirection. This, for instance, has two redirections.