Sunday, 2 December 2007

RosMud version 1.4.0

Fixed a bug that resulted in some background color changing to "flow" to the end of the line (disrupting, among other things, the output of the 'area' command).
Added a set of toolbar buttons to show activity - a button will light up in green when there's activity in the corresponding world; click on it to jump to that world.
Added five new keys to Numpad Nav: the four operators (+ - * /) and the decimal (.)
Changed local command handling slightly. Any command starting with a slash is a local command between RosMud and the plugins; it will not get sent to a MUD. It is therefore "safe", in the sense that if the plugin isn't loaded, it won't spam the MUD.

Also I fixed some bugs in the Timer plugin.

Also I've changed the distribution: now plugins are incorporated into the standard distro, and there's a separate "slim" distribution. When you go to (same as before), you no longer need to download two files - it's all in the one. If you want a cut-down RM without all the plugins, that's now a separate link. Hopefully this will make things easier!

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