Thursday, 21 February 2008

Well, I guess it's about time...

I've finally done it: registered the domain At the moment, doesn't have much content, but what it has may be of value: a copy of the same information that's in my OOC info on Threshold. The links are of course clickable, which they're unlikely to be on Threshold (it all depends on your client), but beyond that there's basically no change. For people who are not registered citizens, however, this is quite a significant change, as they now have easy access to the links - non-citizens can't read other people's OOC info. It's fairly simple to get hold of; just type "rosuav" into your browser's address bar and press Ctrl-Enter (known to work in both Firefox and Internet Explorer; may also work in other browsers); or just enter "", as it works without the www. It's straight from my OOC, and looks like text; it even maintains the flush alignment from the original.

Some day I'll probably migrate The Esstu Pack to the new domain, but not before I give it a really good makeover. The old address, showing it as a subdirectory of KEPL's web site, will of course be maintained as an alias, even if/when the change happens. (I have long wished for such a change as you suggest... but there's no compulsion, so I won't do it.) For now, though, it's just a few links that you can tab between. Clean and simple!

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