Friday, 28 March 2008

RosMud version 1.5.2

Mainly bugfixes too.

* RM will no longer look at the word under the cursor when you click - it now waits for a double-click, unless it was a URL. (URLs are still clickable, therefore.) Should be a little less annoying.

* Fixed more silly problems with selection hilight: 1) if ANSI color is disabled, and in a few other circumstances, the middle lines of the selection would be unreadable; 2) the blank space at the end of the last selected line would be shown hilighted, instead of unhilighted; and 3) if you hilight several lines of text, finishing with one that came locally (rather than from the server), then it would print the line doubled. No longer.

* The Timer plugin had a lingering bug in that when you try to delete a timer, it picked the wrong one to delete. (It would query you and quote the keyword for the timer it actually intended to remove, but it wouldn't be the one that you selected.) Now fixed.

* Lines ending with "==> " will be recognized as prompts. This should fix problems with handshaking and such in Threshold.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

RosMud version 1.5.1

A few small bugfixes. Nothing major.

* Whoops. Version 1.5.0 sent a termtype saying "BetaII"... now fixed. From 1.5.1 onwards, RM correctly says "RosMud_A".
* Added a constant message to the bottom of the Timer plugin window. It's now somewhat less cryptic out-of-the-box. Well... slightly less cryptic anyhow.
* Clicking on the window (without marking out an area) will no longer empty your clipboard for you. It will now attempt to "look" at the word under the cursor; if that word begins http:// or www. then it will be given to your web browser. So... clickable links! Woo! All other words will be sent back to the currently-connected server.
* Made RM more correctly handle botched ANSI codes. If you've seen RM show massive slabs of text with the wrong background color, upgrade to 1.5.1 and the problem should disappear. (It's a server bug, but RM was handling it backwards, and so the bug showed up as a wrong display, where other clients would handle it forwards and still look alright.)

Monday, 10 March 2008

RosMud version 1.5.0

This release has been held over a bit, awaiting a couple of things. But here it is, and it's big enough to not just be a Revision. There are some major client-server interaction improvements; hopefully this will make your Threshold RPG experience better!

* RosMud will now send a Terminal Type to servers which request it. (It will not cycle through types.) To allow some form of versioning, the termtype is "RosMud_A" - the letter will be incremented if and when a server will need to distinguish old versions from new. (To discover what version it changed, search History.txt for the keyword "termtype".)
* Big new feature: TELNET Prompts Mode! See the main documentation for details.
* Big new feature: Idle Killer! Also see main docs for details. Will send IAC GA at a specified interval, to keep your internet connection alive. Has the approval of the Threshold RPG administration as it does NOT affect your idle time as measured by the server.
* Fixed bug in word wrap/tab expansion code that meant that large numbers of tabs in a line could crash RosMud
* Made the Timer plugin less flickery and way less buggy. The configuration dialog is HEAPS better now.
* New local command: /about. Type "/about" to get detailed version information, displayed locally; type "/about trivia" to emit the same information on the trivia channel. (It takes whatever you type and executes it as a command with the version info appended.)

The usual download URL is, of course, the place to look. Or you can go to, which has a link. All users of RosMud are strongly recommended to upgrade to version 1.5.0, as it has a large number of improvements, plus some plugin upgrades, plus it has detailed version information available, which may make tech support far easier.