Monday, 10 March 2008

RosMud version 1.5.0

This release has been held over a bit, awaiting a couple of things. But here it is, and it's big enough to not just be a Revision. There are some major client-server interaction improvements; hopefully this will make your Threshold RPG experience better!

* RosMud will now send a Terminal Type to servers which request it. (It will not cycle through types.) To allow some form of versioning, the termtype is "RosMud_A" - the letter will be incremented if and when a server will need to distinguish old versions from new. (To discover what version it changed, search History.txt for the keyword "termtype".)
* Big new feature: TELNET Prompts Mode! See the main documentation for details.
* Big new feature: Idle Killer! Also see main docs for details. Will send IAC GA at a specified interval, to keep your internet connection alive. Has the approval of the Threshold RPG administration as it does NOT affect your idle time as measured by the server.
* Fixed bug in word wrap/tab expansion code that meant that large numbers of tabs in a line could crash RosMud
* Made the Timer plugin less flickery and way less buggy. The configuration dialog is HEAPS better now.
* New local command: /about. Type "/about" to get detailed version information, displayed locally; type "/about trivia" to emit the same information on the trivia channel. (It takes whatever you type and executes it as a command with the version info appended.)

The usual download URL is, of course, the place to look. Or you can go to, which has a link. All users of RosMud are strongly recommended to upgrade to version 1.5.0, as it has a large number of improvements, plus some plugin upgrades, plus it has detailed version information available, which may make tech support far easier.

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