Friday, 28 March 2008

RosMud version 1.5.2

Mainly bugfixes too.

* RM will no longer look at the word under the cursor when you click - it now waits for a double-click, unless it was a URL. (URLs are still clickable, therefore.) Should be a little less annoying.

* Fixed more silly problems with selection hilight: 1) if ANSI color is disabled, and in a few other circumstances, the middle lines of the selection would be unreadable; 2) the blank space at the end of the last selected line would be shown hilighted, instead of unhilighted; and 3) if you hilight several lines of text, finishing with one that came locally (rather than from the server), then it would print the line doubled. No longer.

* The Timer plugin had a lingering bug in that when you try to delete a timer, it picked the wrong one to delete. (It would query you and quote the keyword for the timer it actually intended to remove, but it wouldn't be the one that you selected.) Now fixed.

* Lines ending with "==> " will be recognized as prompts. This should fix problems with handshaking and such in Threshold.

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