Monday, 19 May 2008

RosMud version 1.5.3

* New feature: Search! This command is "/" - type "/ searchstring" (note the space) to begin searching, then "/" on its own to find next. Can also be invoked in dialog form: press Ctrl-F, or use View|Find, then type what you want to look for and hit Enter. (Enter again to find next; there's no Find Previous, sorry.)

* Guarded against an obscure bug: If you use numpad nav but do not have any command set for the 0 key, it would lose that entry next time you loaded RM - the commands would all move up one slot. Only applies to the 0 key; others could safely be blank without problem. But it's fixed now.

* Added some checks to try to pin down the "feral GA" problem. It's only a display problem, but I'd really like to fix this.

* Changed distribution again: Instead of a ZIP, it's now a self-extracting installer. It wants to install into c:\rosmud.

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