Friday, 12 December 2008

Commercial email done right

Everyone hates spam. Some people do happen to like processed meat, but I have yet to find anyone who actually likes Unsolicited Commercial Email. But there is such a thing as desirable commercial email (and it's always solicited, ie you explicitly requested that it be sent), and today I had a perfect example of such.

Readers who know anything at all about me will know that I love chocolate. Some may also know that I frequently buy from a place called Sweet As in Box Hill Central. A little while ago, I signed up for their email newsletter with notification of their latest specials; and one such email came in today. I read it at lunch time, and made a quick change of plans... instead of going shopping tomorrow, I'd go tonight after work - because the email said they'd be open till 9pm. Yay!

And the final tally came out pretty beneficial to both sides. I bought a whole lot of discounted chocolate, and they took $153.70 of my money. I've broken $100 in a single chocolate transaction before (at Sweet As, of course), but this is the first time I've broken $150. Ahhh... Christmas shopping. Delightful occupation, when it means browsing chocolates!