Saturday, 3 January 2009

RosMud version 1.5.7

It's two years today since the RosMud project started, so it's a good day to release a new version!

* New plugin: Tune. Tune people out (OOC channels only). Usage help: Type "/tune"

* Calc plugin: The magic token "^^" to embed the last result has been removed. This feature has seldom, to my knowledge, been used deliberately, and has caused trouble with ASCII art. To use the last result in a command, simply use $[+0] or any other expression that does not change the result. Also, division by zero has been guarded against; with the somewhat odd, but crash-free, result that 1/0 == 0.

* I'm temporarily removing the doubleclick-to-look code. Later on I might reenable it, but for now, it's just plain out.

* New plugin: OOCChFr. Like the OOCBox (and uses nearly the same algorithm to detect OOC text), this will move OOC channel conversation elsewhere... unlike OOCBox, it doesn't have a separate window. Usage help: Type "/ooc"

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