Friday, 30 January 2009

Sure, I'll have it done by Friday! is an outsourcing site that allows people to post their job specs, browse existing jobs, submit bids, and ultimately, arrange contracted work on a pay-for-job basis rather than pay by the hour. As with most such sites, you can expect to see a few really crazy posts there... but this one, I THINK, is not deliberately a joke.

The budget range offered is $20-100. What's he asking for? Uhh, not much. Just... a complete operating system, with all the features of XP Pro, able to run everything that XP will run, have as user-friendly an interface as XP, but not be XP. And it has to be quick. Oh, and it has to be (emphasis his) HACKER SAFE! Well, I guess that guarantees that it won't be XP.

I had to go look at the date when this was posted, but alas, no such luck - it was posted Aug 31st, 2008. Somehow, I doubt he's going to get an offer within his budget range... he did get one bid for $999,999, but it seems that scheme fell through.

Maybe we should all chip in to get him a bottle of Wine.

Tomorrow's Operasting [sic] System, BlueOrb!

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Michael Angelico said...

This must be the first time the Rosuav has advocated the consumption of naughty alcoholic liquors.