Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The Warner Bros Bay

Torrent downloaders worldwide will note with interest a buyout/merger arrangement between Warner Bros and The Pirate Bay. You'll need a BitTorrent client to view this, but if this is of any interest to you, you'll probably have one already.

Press release, on TPB

Google's latest offerings: the gBall and Chrome 3D

The Google folks have done it again! Share this with all your football-loving friends... Aussie Rules, that is - sorry, foreigners!

The official gBall pages

Purporting to add only a small amount to the weight of the ball, the gBall electronics are designed to allow it to measure off exactly how far your kick took it. And Google is nothing if not focussed on integration of various technologies... how about Google Maps being able to locate your football for you?

I've come to expect a certain level of brilliance from the Google folks, and I think this might not quite be there, but it's certainly quite good. I'd have liked to see some more information pages, but the FAQ is certainly worth a read.

But if it's brilliance you want, especially visual brilliance, look no further than Google Chrome 3D. The Google web browser now has a 3D mode, giving depth to what's normally a fairly flat display. (Does this make it a funnel-web browser?) You'll need to install the newest version to activate this feature, and of course you'll need 3D glasses. But the experience is worth it!

Google: Innovation every year, on schedule.