Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Next stop in the travelog is Auckland, NZ. I'm making use of a full on writing desk, with two power points, writing gear, and... an ethernet port. Alas! I left my network cables in checked baggage... so I've paid for the wireless. It's $NZ10 for an hour, which translates into about $A8, significantly cheaper than Melbourne Airport. It's a good connection, and I can thresh on it. On the way home, must remember to have the cat-5 in the backpack, ergo in carry-on!

No complaints about Air NZ service. And in contrast to Emirates, there's no need to say everything in two languages (which instantly doubles the length of every announcement). Everything's working out fine so far, apart from one near-disaster on the train on the way in (which was resolved very efficiently by Connex staff - see Midga's blog for more on that one).

I've just been told (in a lovely Kiwi accent) that our flight will be departing at 1945 local time, instead of 1905 as previously announced - and instead of 1830 as printed on our boarding passes - but I don't mind. Might need to buy meself another hour's internet time, but that's all. This connection is running at a good speed, so I'm pretty happy.

Time to play some Magic: The Gathering!

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talldad said...

What? A Kiwi message? I thought you said they didn't have to use two languages?

Any advance on Auckland? LA?

Still no news at midga on the camera.