Thursday, 23 July 2009

Travelog part V

20th July, 5:50pm We're at the airport, about to head to FL, and they have free wifi. Alas, their DHCP is failing on me. Eventually Traal settles on an IP address of, which geeks will recognize as what you get when there's nothing to get. At this point I really miss my POSIX tools, because "ping" doesn't work at all on Windows :( Also I have no ifconfig utility; ipconfig is supposedly the same, but it's not. (Have you ever noticed how Windows has the utilities slightly differently named? You don't configure a networking interface, you configure your IP address. Meh.) I must look so petty here... whimpering because I can't do a real broadcast ping??!

So I'm offline :( But I'll survive. I've managed offline for most of this trip, I'll be alright for another hour. America's weird... I've lost my eternal connection (my 3G one fills in everything between my home and work ones), but when I *do* get online, it's so amazingly fast. The best possible metric for quality of internet connection is the ping time to, and everything at home is over 100ms, but around here it's an average of maybe 30ms. Almost makes me wish I were borging more.

6:10pm. No room to blog while on the plane. Dropping the tray table makes it plausible, but certainly not easy.

21st July, 1:34pm Morvinia met us at the airport last night and we're staying with her. Too busy doing stuffs to blog!

We're going off shopping now, and Morvi takes the car through a car wash. Midga reminds her to make sure all the windows are closed, so of course she opens his just as we enter... although she closes it again before anything gets seriously wet. Meanwhile, Marah ponders the Thresh equivalent of a car wash... maybe it's Thracian weather?

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