Monday, 31 August 2009

Travelog conclusion

7:42AM. (Blogging on New Zealand time still.) About to launch, suspending.

7:52AM. Pushback.

8:09AM. Takeoff.

8:21AM. At altitude, able to blog. Long long monologue about entering Australia, all about what needs to be declared and such.

8:45AM. There's a fault with the in-flight entertainment. Before takeoff we were told that the safety video couldn't be played, ergo they went for live demos by cabin crew; now we learn that fast-forward and rewind may be problematic. I'd love to know more about the architecture of this setup and how these things are worked.

8:59AM. Entertainment system is rebooted. All screens go black. In five minutes it'll all be turned on again; apparently it'll take 15 mins to get back to the welcome screen after that. Fairly slow boot process. Oh well, good thing I'm not depending on the provided entertainment!

9:31AM. Switching to Melbourne time in readiness for home. It's 7:31AM.

9:38AM. Uneventful flight. Will shortly be beginning descent to MEL - have had stiff headwinds (>100km/h!) most of the way across the Tasman, so we're behind schedule. (Were timetabled to arrive MEL 9:40AM, but current estimate is 10:05ish.) Sound of engines has just changed; we should soon see some familiar land!

9:41AM. Land ahoy! Oooohooh! Dirty big land ahoy!

10:30AM. We're down, have baggage, and are just going through Customs. Wow, it's so easy for returning Aussies - they hardly even bothered to check things. If the computer accepts that our passports were the genuine Australian article, we're through.

Time not recorded: HOME!! YAY!!! Hugs from parents and siblings. Ahhh, it's good to be home!

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