Monday, 30 November 2009

Terms for groups of programmers

Programmers sometimes work alone, and sometimes in groups. It stands to reason that there should be logical terms for such groups...

A single C programmer is a unary operator.

Two C programmers is a brace.

Three is a trigraph.

Any more than that, and you have a block.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

ThinkGeek finally shipping a product they announced seven months ago

ThinkGeek, the well-known geeky toys and tools company, announced a product early this year, but they were not shipping it. Today, seven months later, they announce that they finally are - or rather, they are accepting pre-orders. For most companies, this would be a disaster of PR (or else a triumph of PR if they could make it sound like a good thing), but in this case it's a completely different triumph.

The product? Tauntaun Sleeping Bag - a nice warm sleeping bag, done up to appear like the even smellier part of a creature of Hoth, sliced open by lightsaber. It originated as an April Fools joke, part of a series of hilarious fake new products such as Squeez Bacon, a USB pet rock, and other equally geeky offerings; but this one attracted such interest that they decided to turn it into a reality.

And reality it now is. You can preorder your very own now, and they'll ship them by the end of the month. That's roughly eight months from "Hey, you know, there's actually a lot of interest in this" to "Here it is folks, on your doorstep"... pretty impressive! And, being ThinkGeek, they of course wrote up an excellent description page, including a video... worth watching.

ThinkGeek: Bringing Hilarity To Your RSS Feed Since... oh, I dunno, when did they start having a feed of new items? Anyway, since whenever you choose to add them.