Sunday, 3 January 2010

RosMud version 1.6.0

Wow, it's been so long since the last of these posts. Well, time for a birthday release!

Quite a few changes here, so I'm calling it minor (1.6.0) rather than revision (1.5.10).

* Added a way to display recent numpad nav travel. Use the /lastnav command, put by default on the * key, to see up to 16 recent directions travelled. The list is restarted every time you start travelling using the numpad.

* Fixed a display issue with the input box when ANSI color is disabled (thanks Gesslar!)

* TinyURL plugin will now process multiple URLs in a single command, potentially tinifying them all.

* Added /debug command 'a'.

* You can now copy and paste with timestamps. Hold Ctrl while marking and copying, and timestamps (in the same "line timestamp format" configured in Advanced Options) will precede each line.

* New plugin: Kill counter. Designed for Threshold RPG; keeps track of the NPCs you have seen die (note that this is not necessarily the same as the number you kill, but it will likely be close). If you see all the same NPCs all the time, consider that you might be over-borging them! :D Not world-aware. (Type /killcnt to see stats.)

* The Editor now has an AutoWrap button which controls whether or not sending will be wrapped (previously it would always be wrapped).

* Also, the Editor now treats wrap to 0 as "don't wrap" (like it should have long ago).