Saturday, 25 June 2011

RosMud version 1.6.4

It's been a while since the last of these! Just some small changes, and mostly to plugins.

* Patched Aspell.dll to match a change to the GNU Aspell web site (change of posted URL resulted in the plugin being unable to show suggestions).
* Added some "easy shortenings" to the TinyURL plugin. ThinkGeek, NotAlwaysRight, and Youtube URLs can now (often) be shortened without going via TinyURL.
* Fixed a bug in the Timer plugin whereby a timer would sometimes (eg if the computer is suspended and resumed) "go negative" with a rather odd display.
* Added HTTPS recognition to both the TinyURL plugin and the click-to-view base facility.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

World IPv6 Day

Tada! The world ends now... oh wait. Wrong opening.

Look! The dawn of a new age... well, not quite. Started over ten years ago. Try again.

Uh..... Hello, world?

Okay, so it's nothing spectacular, to most people. But World IPv6 Day started a few minutes ago, and with it the commitment by a large number of web sites to activate IPv6 on their primary names. If you're on IPv6, you can now access Google at - previously, you had to use

It still doesn't sound very impressive, I realise, but there's a major chicken-and-egg problem with IPv6 deployment, and this should help to spread the word.

I know I haven't made anyone curious, but just in case I did: