Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Packing for England

When a geek packs for an overseas trip, the definition of "necessary" isn't quite what it would be for someone else. I am taking more batteries than t-shirts... more power adapters than pairs of socks... more cables than jumpers (and that includes the type you wear as well as the type you put across contacts)... more network ports than bottles of duty-free port...

24 hours from now, we'll be in the airport awaiting departure. It's good to be flying Emirates again; their forward- and downward- looking cameras make great in-flight entertainment. Who needs a window seat when you can just watch on your own screen!

Like our previous trips, I'll be blogging periodically. Unlike our previous trips, Clippy won't be; but Midga will, so follow as well as this one if you want random news of England.

On to Buxton!

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