Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Delays, delays...

Hello folks of world! This is Ned Seagoon folks, blogging to you live from Manchester!

Our flight was due to depart at 21:00. It's now 22:00 and we haven't even started boarding. The final call for passengers went out a while ago; we've all had our boarding passes scanned, and are in a checked-in state and merely awaiting the readiness of the plane. Emirates staff have come round a few times with bottled water, juices, nibbles, and such, but we still don't know what time we'll be boarding, much less taking off. Fortunately we have a three-hour connection in Dubai; I very much doubt we're going to have trouble with that.

There's no GPO handy to any seat, but Michael's phone is still happily connected on 3G, and is providing wifi to all our devices. There's just been an announcement saying that there's nothing to announce, but stating that connections will be sorted out once we take off - or, putting it another way: Henry can't go, it's a guaranteed connection!

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