Saturday, 13 August 2011

Red Fire Productions: Foggerty's Fairy

We will not allow our Foggerty to be presumed upon!

Or something like that. Anyway. Michael and I saw "Foggerty's Fairy" today, courtesy of a break in the rehearsal (that's like a break in the clouds, only instead of sunshine, you go to a place that's even darker). This is a play of Gilbert's that he did without Sullivan, and has an awful lot of dialogue between the songs... actually, I've yet to hear a song. Something about it not being a musical, whatever. Anyway. There's a lot of jokes in Foggerty's Fairy that Gilbert reused in subsequent G&Ses, so they're quite familiar to this audience; everyone's laughing at the lead-up rather than the punch line. The text bears Gilbert's hallmark humour and skilful writing, and the cast are rendering the jokes superbly. Energy, pace, and passion, all necessary to a strong performance, are in evidence among all those on the stage.

I can't do my usual run-through of the characters as I don't know the show at all, but the titular Fairy Rebecca (Naomi Webb) is a lot of fun, and the central Foggerty (David Jones) is maintaining a superb energy level throughout a long and unbroken performance. He's also a superb unrehearsed story-teller; throw anything at him and he'll weave it right into the story!

This is a very fun show, and one that ought to be less obscure.

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