Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Travelog, part 3: EK019 DXB->MAN->Buxton

Less chronological, more just random thoughts stuck together because none is worthy of a post on its own. And they're all based on this leg of the flight.

Only nine languages spoken on this trip, down from twelve on the others. We departed a bit late (pushback eight minutes behind, then stuck in the queue for a while) and had a headwind for at least part of the way, but still managed to touch down ahead of schedule by five or twn minutes. Trains have their paths and if you miss your path you're stuck, but planes can't really schedule landings that easily - presumably they're queued only once they reach controlled airspace or thereabouts.

We met two very lovely young ladies in Dubai Airport. They inquired of us some vital details of boarding EK019 to Manchester, and then proceeded to converse at length from then until we literally were on the plane (and such interesting conversation, too, that we were the last of the main group of people to board - fortunately not delaying the plane, but if we'd been another couple of minutes we might have been paged).

Once again, the plane's not exactly full. Midga and I are invited to take a stripe of four seats in the middle, giving us the full set of screens to see the cameras and stuff on.

The aircraft toilets have notices all over them reminding you not to smoke... yet they have an ashtray built into the door. Does that seem right to you?

Boarding the Buxton bus and buying two return tickets costs us pretty much our entire supply of coinage, but we manage it without hunting down an ATM. (It's like borging on Threshold, you see - you "go hunting" and come back with more money than you started with. ATMs drop large-denomination coinage, but like the Othello ship, can cost you money out of your bank account too.) It would have been nice to be able to know in advance what the ticket price would be, but Googling for '199 bus fare' didn't show up anything useful. By the time advice started coming in from Thresh, the bus had turned up and we just asked the driver.

Ahh, the way people do things... Lady with child boards bus. "Can I get a one-ninety and a one-fifty-five, please?" - turns out the "one-ninety" now costs two pounds. Kinda like our one-tens and two-twennies in KEPL, I guess.

And here it is, 7:09AM in Melbourne, 10:09PM here, 2109 UTC, and we're in Buxton and online. Yay!

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